Services - businesses that offer services including: Accounting, Administration, Attorney, Building, Car Wash, Carpentry, Child Care, Clinic, Construction, Dentist, Doctor, Electrician, Gym, Locksmith, Mechanic, Petrol Stations, Plumber, Roofing, Security & Vet. Services

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    CRD Diesel

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    THORN BROOK Wall & Fence

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    Web Design Hosting

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    Homepride Wendys

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    Slim’s Home Fix

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    Tamasa Developments

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    Eastwick Brothers

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    JC Property Holdings

    • Free delivery with your first order and then free delivery with all orders over R250.

    Exigo Care

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    Our Special Day

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    Midlands Style Events

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    Diverse Human Resources Pty Ltd

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    Midlands Plant Hire

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    Summit Ice Pty Ltd

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    Midlands Developers Direct

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    Pooltech Pty Ltd

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    Doc Con Construction Pty Ltd

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    Midlands Appliance Repairs

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    Catch’em Pest Control & Services