Accommodation - Self Catering & Hotels in the Midlands KZN, Bed and Breakfast, BNB, Backpackers, Camping, Cottage, Chalets, Guest House, Hotel, Lodge & Resorts - Midlands, KwaZulu Natal.

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    Mont Aux Sources Hotel

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    Capulet Guesthouse and Conference Venue

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    Dunning Country House

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    JC Property Holdings

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    Waterford Airbnb

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    Mount Shekinah Country Hotel

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    Otters Creek Self Catering Chalets

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    Crab Apple

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    Penwarn Country Lodge

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    ZuluWaters Game Reserve

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    Mkomazana Mountain Cottages

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    Qambathi Mountain Lodge

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    7 On Oakleigh

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    Drakensberg Sun Resort

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    Matts Rest B&B

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    Crystal Barn Country Estate

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    Aintree Lodge Bed & Breakfast

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    Tracey’s B&B

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    Kwanyoni Cottages

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    Hebron Haven Hotel