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    D’ Ponte’s Fish and Chips

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    The Olde Duck

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    Murphy’s Pizza Hilton

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    Woodstone Craft Cafe

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    The Club House Ashburton

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    Pimento’s Restaurant and Bar

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    The Greenery Piggly Wiggly

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    Coffeeberry Cafe

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    Airborne Cafe

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    Tea on 23

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    Misty Falls Spur Steak Ranch

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    The Deli Godmother

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    BLU Burger Bar

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    The Midlands Kitchen

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    SAKI Sushi & Sports Bar

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    Valley Bakery

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    Jayz Grill PMB

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    Bangkok Wok Pietermaritzburg

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    Celtiskloof Lifestyle Centre

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    Olive and Oil PMB

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    Karkloof Country Club

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    Crystal Barn Country Estate

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    RocoMamas Scottsville

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    VdeV Midlands Restaurant

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    Rays Cafe Howick

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    Ground Coffee House

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    Uncle Buck’s Diner

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    Flavour Cafe Pietermaritzburg

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    Artisan Pizzeria Hilton

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    Il Postino Pizzeria

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    Delish Dish

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    St Ives Lodge & Restaurant

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    Jaxx Restaurant

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    Taste of Thai

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    Mamma Mia Restaurant

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    Corner Post Restaurant & Bar

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    Cafe Classic

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    Terbodore Coffee Roasters

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    Beanbag Cafe

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    Fuel Cafe

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    La Lampara Italian Restaurant

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    Traffords Restaurant

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    Dragonfire Cafe

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    3Sixty Pizza

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    The Bierfassl Restaurant and Pub

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    The Fainting Goat

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    Steampunk Coffee