Restaurants – the best places to have breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the KZN midlands. Rate and review the following: Cafes, Coffee Shops, Fine Dining or Takeaways – Restaurants

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    Pickle Pot Cafe

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    Gosh Restaurant

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    The Waffle Inn & Coffee Shop

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    The Grind Café

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    Lakeside Cafe

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    Pucketty Place Tea Garden

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    The Cookhouse

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    Stonehouse Cafe Himeville

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    The Cherry Tree

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    68 on Main

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    Yellowwood Cafe & Restaurant

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    The Farmer’s Daughter

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    Steampunk Coffee

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    The Fainting Goat

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    The Bierfassl Restaurant and Pub

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    3Sixty Pizza

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    Dragonfire Cafe

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    Traffords Restaurant